Alike Unto God

A Mormon for Equality

Seeking Light, Segullah Guest Post

Deepening prayer and heavenly communion with meditative practices.

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Prince of Peace

Invoking the Savior's atonement in tumultuous times, when no one else can understand.

It’s a Small World

A lesson from Disneyland: all of God's children deserve peace.

Poem: O My Mother

Simple, poetic offering to our Mother in Heaven

Take Up Your Cross, and Protest

Following Jesus' REVOLUTIONARY call of discipleship.

Children of God

How the Christian Right can do so much more to demonstrate Christianity than staging "Pro-Life" marches.

Standing With Refugees

Mormon doctrine and history compel Latter-day Saints to resist Trump's refugee ban.

Women’s March 2017

New York City MoFems show that not all of us were willing to sing at the Inauguration.

America’s Choir

An invitation to Mormon Tabernacle Choir members to respectfully decline singing at the Trump inauguration.

Favor With God

The divine role of women in bringing Life to the world.

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