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Seeking Light, Segullah Guest Post

Deepening prayer and heavenly communion with meditative practices.

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Spiritual Diversity

God is not confined to the Handbook.

Gather and Expand

Growth of eternal families also means growth of self.

Multiply and Replenish

God seeks personal growth, not population growth. Rejecting childbearing as the first commandment.


Letting popular LDS culture dictate how we treat people is not in harmony with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mary of Bethany

The powerful story of a female disciple's preparatory anointing of the Messiah.

De Facto or De Jure?

The racial achievement gap signals that children of color are still receiving separate and unequal education.

Brighter & Brighter

Celebrating the positive steps towards racial parity in Church leadership

Sweet Above All That is Sweet

Trees as potent symbols of Heavenly Mother's presence


Now is the time for Mormon women to proclaim the truth about the evils of abuse- in all forms- both within and without our community.

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