Alike Unto God

A Mormon for Equality

Black Lives Matter

Echoes of Alma the Younger's leadership experiences ring familiar in a time of oppression and strife

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Latter-day Lent

Ideas for using the season of Lent to prepare for the miracle of Easter

Re-framing with Honesty

Re-examining a favorite Book of Mormon story, seeing it for the darkness it contains and the lesson it really can teach us.

More, Savior, Like Thee

Sorrow as a Christ-like attribute

Mother’s Day: Entrusted

A day of mourning and rejoicing

Second Chances

Accepting a Gospel of Failure

Choose God; Choose Others

The gift and responsibility of choice

Inclusion: The Kingdom of God

Lessons learned in preparing for temple service-- beware of your own biases

Mother’s Day Song Redux

My proposed new song for the Primary to sing on Mother's Day

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