Alike Unto God

A Mormon for Equality

Seeking Light, Segullah Guest Post

Deepening prayer and heavenly communion with meditative practices.

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Ring Out, Wild Bells

A contemporary-feeling prayer for peace from Tennyson.

Advent Devotionals

Intersecting modern Western Christian traditions with Mormon devotional practice.

Poem: Dirty Secret

Are religiosity and social activism compatible?

Faith in Every Footstep

The ongoing trek of Black Mormons

Let Her Rise

LET Zion in HER beauty RISE. Elder Bednar's confirmation of women's Priesthood roles.

Drive Out Hate

Superficial "supremacy" has no place in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Daughter, Arise

Exercising the gift TO BE healed, inspired by Exponent II's upcoming issue about Spiritual Gifts.

How Great the Wisdom and the Love

Poem; characteristics of The Heavenly Parents

Healings, Heroes, and Heartaches

Mormon women exercising the spiritual gift of healing

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