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A Mormon for Equality

Seeking Light, Segullah Guest Post

Deepening prayer and heavenly communion with meditative practices.

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Inclusion: The Kingdom of God

Lessons learned in preparing for temple service-- beware of your own biases

Mother’s Day Song Redux

My proposed new song for the Primary to sing on Mother's Day

Devotional: Heaven Shed a Tear

Heaven Shed a Tear, by Friedrich Ruckert

Midnight Inspiration

Keep pen and paper near your bed- the submission deadline for new hymns is approaching!

Devotional Vignette: Haydn’s Creation

Recalling the Creation as unifier of all living things.

Devotional Vignette 1: Doctors

Dedicated to medical professionals, this is the first in a series of devotionals featuring a moment that inspires quoted text, a thought, and a blessing.

Spiritual Diversity

God is not confined to the Handbook.

Gather and Expand

Growth of eternal families also means growth of self.

Multiply and Replenish

God seeks personal growth, not population growth. Rejecting childbearing as the first commandment.

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